Richmond Chiropractic Testimonials

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Neck Pain

I was experiencing pain in my lower back and knees and was prescribed muscle relaxers to help with the pain. Since coming to River City Chiropractic, my back pain has improved.  I do not have the tingly sensation in my feet or have headaches. I have more energy throughout the day. I can even notice a difference in the way I walk because I no longer have pain in my knees.


I was having severe pain in my jaw from TMJ, to the point where it was difficult for me to talk. After seeing Dr. Luke, my jaw pain and the tension in my neck and lower back have disappeared. I have more energy throughout the day. I sleep better at night and I have more patience with my students.


Back Pain

I was having lower back pain and had tried physical therapy, which worked originally but the symptoms reoccurred. I reduced my physical activity and took some over-the-counter pain relievers, but that also was ineffective. Since seeing Dr. Luke, I have had reduced pain, with increased mobility and flexibility, and I sleep better at night!

Karen K

Before I found Dr. Luke, I was suffering from severe lower back pain and shoulder pain. It felt like I had a pinched nerve. The pain would shoot from the middle of my back to my right shoulder. I would just deal with the pain whenever it occurred.

Thanks to Dr. Luke, I have more energy. Overall, I feel better and experience less stress. I have less pain in my shoulder.
I really think the staff is great at River City Chiropractic! You learn a lot from the new patient exams, progress reports, and adjustments.  Dr. Luke taught me to focus on overall wellness, not just getting my back better.

Lora B


Since becoming a patient at River City Chiropractic, I have paid greater attention to my diet and lifestyle. I have more energy and I am sleeping better.  My digestion is starting to improve. Adjustments have become a part of my healthy routine and can be an amazing addition for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Kelsey S

Upon my initial meeting with Dr. Luke, I realized that my heartburn, vertigo, and regular migraines were not normal or healthy. I began coming to see Dr. Luke two times a week with a focus on my neck and on the parts of my back linked to digestion. I immediately felt the effects of the adjustments and I am proud to say I have been migraine-free for a year.

Lauren F

I have a pretty heavy fitness schedule, so it wasn’t until I hurt myself badly enough that I could no longer workout anymore that I decided to address my chronic shoulder and hip issues. I had tried physical therapy for my shoulder and it hadn’t helped at all. I had grown accustomed to the pain in my hip and accepted it as part of my lifestyle.

I do yoga and always thought that keeping up with stretching and flexibility would help, but although it helped in other ways it wasn’t helping my shoulder and hip problem.

Dr. Luke has helped me so much. Chiropractic is miraculous! I’m no longer simply tolerating the issues, but addressing them. It is an empowering feeling and a great relief! It is liberating to see that I am achieving my fitness goals without pain! I can run on hard surfaces without significant tightness and soreness in my hip. I can also drive longer distances which always use to trigger my issues. I have noticed an increase in energy, improved sleeping habits, better digestion and an increase in my overall quality of life! I would highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Luke! He focuses on total health with a holistic approach!

Beverly C


I was experiencing sharp, pinching pain which caused limited use of my left arm. Since seeing Dr. Luke, I have had less arm pain and I can breathe better.  I am also handling my stress a lot easier.  I have more energy and am getting restful sleep!

Wilbert J

I started seeing Dr. Luke because when I was turning my neck it was making a clicking sound and was painful at times. I was also under a TON of stress. I had tried another chiropractic office, but was not seeing any changes.

Dr. Luke’s adjustments along with his stretching recommendations have decreased the clicking sound in my neck and reduced the tension. I am more relaxed and have improved my posture.

Dr. Luke focuses on the overall functioning of your body. I have become more aware of my body and look forward to working and improving on other aspects of my heath!